Available for instant download, “Making your meetings accessible and inclusive”

Making your meetings accessible and inclusive is a comprehensive, compact guide which will help you to identify and eliminate the major barriers to meeting participation by disabled people.


Most of the accessibility guides currently available are very detailed and lengthy. Making your meetings accessible and inclusive contains good, basic, critical information to consult when planning and facilitating meetings which are accessible and inclusive. It really packs a lot of valuable information into a condensed format, so no need to trawl through endless pages of detail to find the relevant information.


Making your meetings accessible and inclusive includes sections on:


  • Venue accessibility
  • Signage
  • Lighting
  • Meeting room layout
  • Audio-visual media
  • Access for Deaf and people with hearing impairments
  • Access for people with vision impairments, people who are blind and People who are DeafBlind
  • Service Animals in Meetings.


Some general advice is provided about how to support disabled people who experience physical and other barriers to participation. A quick reference checklist and basic information about how to format documents accessibly are also included.


Even if you are a highly experienced meeting organiser, you will find valuable information in this guide to improve your planning.


Making your meetings accessible and inclusive is available for immediate download and costs just $19.50.