Capability Building Education and Training for Disabled People

Would you like to enhance your leadership potential and learn new skills? Do you want to develop assertiveness and confidence to speak out and determine your own future? Are you interested in learning how to be bold to achieve your dreams? Disability Responsiveness New Zealand (DRNZ) is here to help you to build and sustain valuable skills in these and other areas and to plan to achieve a good life!

Discussing disability responsiveness with group.

Pam facilitating a workshop at Laura Fergusson Trust Nae Nae 2017

At Disability Responsiveness New Zealand, we can:

  • Produce and facilitate workshops – for disabled people who want to learn about how to focus on potential, not impairment, through using the DRNZ Life Action Planning tool. You will leave the training equipped with the knowledge necessary to make critical life choices for yourself, with assertiveness and confidence.
  • Provide DRNZ Personalised mentoring Programmes – one-on-one coaching for disabled people who may prefer individual training. The eight-week programme examines leadership potential, future development opportunities and supports participants to learn and develop the skills needed to enhance their lives.
  • Organise and facilitate focus groups and forums about all aspects of managing disability issues. For example: the development of particular life-skills; learning about systems and processes useful for self-advocacy; contributing to various Government Strategies or learning about the United Nations convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities.

For expert assistance with disability equity and responsiveness issues, or if you have a question and want to contact us, use the booking form on the workshop page