Available for instant download: “Motivation towards empowerment”

Available for instant download, “Motivation towards empowerment: Advice for anyone with a personal or professional interest in the disability sector”


This resource features many powerful tools to assist you to work respectfully and effectively with disabled people; providing encouragement to support achievement of big goals and turn these into realities. It is a must for those who wish to enhance knowledge, skills and competence to navigate the sector, as a consumer or provider of services.


Even if you are a highly motivated disabled person and/or have worked in the disability sector for many years, you will find valuable tools and information in these guidelines to improve your ability to motivate towards empowerment.


The guidelines include a number of practical checklists you can use yourself or with anyone you support, to focus on accentuating skills and abilities. Included are exercises and case studies, which can be used to form the basis of training or topics for discussion.


The resource is set out in five parts:


Part one, Basics you should know – includes information about using Unconditional Positive Regard; fictions and facts about disability; minding your language; a case study and exercises.


Part two, Working with those you support to achieve a rich life – includes information relating to goals and goal-setting; pitfalls to problem solving; and tools to decide, plan and act.


Part three, Tertiary study – includes information to consider when choosing study environments; enrolling; and attending classes.


Part four, Employment – includes discussion of issues such as disability disclosure; getting past employment barriers; and a case study, Grace’s journey from dream to reality.


Part five, Action planning – focuses on the recently developed DRNZ Life Action Planning Tool.


An appendix provides additional advice and information about a range of programmes which support the guidelines. You can empower yourself and/or those you support by purchasing these valuable guidelines for just $59.50.